Red Hen pastry staff photoEmployment opportunities

If Red Hen Baking Company is where you’d like to make a career, please feel free to submit a resume for future vacancies. Alternatively, come by the cafe and complete our application.

Wages and Benefits

We have been recognized nationally for providing our employees with a livable wage and a long list of benefits including health care, paid time off and a retirement plan, among other things. We are committed to creating a workplace that is supportive of our staff!

Current Job Offerings at Red Hen Baking Co.

We currently have some exciting employment opportunities and others that will be coming up this spring. We are taking resumes and scheduling interviews for the following full-time positions. All of these positions come with benefits including health care, paid time off, retirement account and more!

Kitchen Help Wanted: Come cook with us! We have a full time position in our kitchen, making our delicious sandwiches, salads and soups. The ideal candidate takes pride in making excellent food, works cleanly and efficiently, and works well independently and in a team. We offer competitive pay and excellent benefits including health coverage and paid time off.  Please contact Artie at


Resume Submission

If you'd like to submit your resume for a job listing - or even if there isn't one, use the form below.

Note: our preferred (and the safest) form of attachment is Adobe PDF format.