Grow Compost

Grow Compost

Since they started their operation just down the road from us, Lisa and Scott have collected all of our food waste for their compost operation. In early 2016, Grow increased the size of their flock of laying hens and began supplying us with most of the eggs we need for our pastries. Not only are their eggs delicious, but we love that this closes the loop. Their eggs are not fed any grain, they simply feed on food waste (some of which we provide) while adding nutrients to the compost operation

Grow Compost and the Community 

Grow Compost of Vermont is passionate about our community – our farms, our neighbors, and the natural world. We work closely with local farms to transform food scraps, and other nutrient-rich, organic material into rich, fertile soil for the growth of verdant space, the production of clean energy, and the health and well-being of the earth.  Look for us on the road as we transport Vermont’s left overs to their highest and best use. You can see us picking up food scraps from businesses, rescuing quality food for our food shelves and feeding animals and anaerobic digesters all over Vermont. Find our exceptional compost and soil blends at retailers throughout New England or stop by the farm and pick some up for yourself.


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