Gleason’s Grains

Gleasons Grains

Ben Gleason has been growing grains and beans on his land in Bridport since the early 1980’s. He stone mills wheat and rye flour on the farm.

Ben Gleason milling wheat

Ben Gleason milling wheat

We first started buying whole wheat flour from Ben in 2000. In 2010, with our encouragement, Ben upgraded his mill to include a sifter (known by millers as a bolter). This allowed him to sift out a portion of the bran from his flour and with this new flour available to us, we more than doubled the amount of Ben’s flour that we use. Each week, we typically use about a ton of Ben’s whole wheat flour and bolted flour. This accounts for more than half of the wheat that he grows each year. We have been continually pleased with the flavor and performance of Ben’s flour—not an easy thing to achieve when growing wheat in our challenging NE environment.

  • Growing in Vermont for over 35 years
  • 60 acres of wheat and a stone mill
  • We have purchased from him since 2000
  • We use 24 ton of his flour each year



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