“Baked and Delivered Fresh Daily”

Red Hen Derek eating his Whoopie Pie
Whoopie Pies and Hucklebucks
January 30, 2014
5 roller mill at Le Moulin des Cedres
All our wheat will be grown regionally in 2015!
November 21, 2014
resting Waitsfield Common

Think for a second about what “Baked Fresh Daily” involves.IMG_2627

Mixing, Resting, Forming, Baking – For a loaf of Waitsfield Common, mixing bowl to oven is a 14 hour journey involving at least 6 bakers.

IMG_2631Let’s not forget the farmers and millers who work their magic with thewheat before it gets here, and the packers and delivery drivers who make sure that fresh loaf of bread is waiting for you when you walk into your favorite shop.Common for Sale

7 days a week, 363 days a year. Whew.



  1. Heidi Hoskin says:

    Could you please tell me who carries retail in the Hanover-Lebanon NH aeea your Sprouternickel. It is delicious.

    • Brian Maher says:

      Hi Heidi,
      Thanks for writing, we’re big fans of the Sprouternickel, too. Both the Lebanon and Hanover Co-ops carry our Sprouternickel. We deliver on Thursdays and the bread remains on the shelf through Saturday or until it sells out. If you want to be certain you’ll get a loaf, you can call them and they will place a special order for you.

    • Randy George says:

      We deliver our sprouter nickel every Thursday to the Hanover and Lebanon Food Co-op. It keeps well, so we keep it on the shelf through Saturday.

  2. James Rainie says:

    I know I can get your bread at the Lebanon Coop. Where else closer to Concord NH?
    (Great bread!)

    • Brian Maher says:

      Hi James,
      Thanks for getting in touch. Springledge Farm in New London carries our bread on Wednesdays and Fridays. Sprouternickel is not a part of every order, so you may want to give them a call and ask them to get one for you. They’re exceptionally nice people and will surely accomodate you. Good luck.

  3. Nicola Becker says:

    Dear Brian,
    Red Hen Bakery bread is without a doubt the BEST BREAD EVER! Thank you and the team for producing “slices of heaven”!
    I was at the Red Hen a few weeks ago, had a sandwich, loved the bread, & subsequently bought 3 loaves.
    Now that it’s all been devoured, I’m desperate for more. The problem is, I live in Marshfield, the south shore of Boston. So, not exactly conducive for a bread run.
    Please, Please tell me you supply to the Boston area. Frozen is fine, I froze 2 of the loaves I bought, they tasted just as good when thawed.
    Yours sincerely & hopefully,
    Nicola Becker.

    • Brian Maher says:

      Hi Nicola,
      Sorry, we somehow missed this. Thanks for all the kind words, and, yes, freezing the bread is a great way to prolong your Red Hen fix. Check out this link, , our friends at Farmers To You bring our bread to Boston, fresh, two days a week. Hopefully you can hook up with them and everyone will be happy!

  4. Bill Little says:

    Red Hen Bakery creates incredible breads. Your team of artisans are amazing!

    One question – walnut raisan bread disappeared from your bread list?

    Thank you for all the work everyone does to make these amazing breads.


    • Brian Maher says:

      Hi Bill,
      I don’t know what list you’re looking at, but we have not changed our Raisin Walnut baking schedule. You’ll still find it in the cafe on Tuesday, Thursday and Satureday, and at both Watisfield and Montpelier Farmer’s Markets on Saturday.

    • Ewald says:

      I might be beitnag a dead horse, but thank you for posting this!

  5. Judy hartl says:

    We are in south Alburg VT
    What is the closest location where we can buy your bread?

  6. Andrew Jackson says:

    We love your potato bread, in particular, and always try to keep some on hand. It freezes well, and we’re noticing it fits in the freezer a bit more easily than it used to. Are you making it smaller, or did we just get a lucky-shaped loaf? Thanks for the great cafe/shop and the great bread. A and K

    • Brian Maher says:

      Hi A and K,
      Lucky-shaped, I like that! Nothing has changed with the Potato bread, we aim to make them each exactly 1 pound. The score on the top of that one is tricky and they will occasionally get a little wider as opposed to long. Also, I don’t know if you weighed the loaf, but it is possible that yours could have been a little light. If you feel this is the case, let us know and we’ll be happy to get you a new one.
      Brian Maher
      Wholesale Manager

  7. Nathan Emerson says:

    Hello my name is nate and I work at a ranch in tombstone AZ but am from Northfield VT and was wondering about a possibility of getting some shipped to me here in AZ and what the options are

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