About Red Hen Baking

loading polenta breadAt the Red Hen Baking Co. we are guided by a belief that pure, uncomplicated ingredients and the hands of skilled artisans are the building blocks for great food.

Our Mission

To produce premium quality breads and pastries with traditional methods and carefully selected high quality ingredients. To do this while striving to minimize our impact on the environment, to support the growers and producers of our ingredients, and to provide the finest baked goods and service to our customers.

We achieve this by:

  • Marketing our baked goods within 100 miles of the bakery and providing daily delivery to stores and restaurants within that area.
  • Operating a café that is an outlet for our baked goods and other culinary creations, provides a range of high quality food and beverages for take-home sale, and functions as a community space for meetings, art and music shows, and other special events.
  • Honoring the employees that are at the core of everything we do and fostering a work environment of mutual respect and open communication.
  • Profiting from this work and using that resource to contribute to the betterment of our employees and the community.