Le Moulin des Cèdres

In Les Cedres, QC (30 miles west of Montreal and 150 miles from the bakery), three brothers operate a diversified organic farm called Les Fermes Longpres that has been in the Dewavrin family since the mid 1970’s, when their father began farming there after emigrating from France. They grow 500 acres of wheat each year in rotation with corn, soybeans, sunflowers, and oats. Their methods of building soil fertility and organic matter through the use of cover cropping and minimal tillage have been inspirational to farmers throughout North America.

In 2014, they completed a four year project when they began roller milling their wheat on the farm using a mill that was re-constructed by the family from a 75 year old mill which they brought over from France. Their mill, called Moulin des Cedres, is dedicated solely to milling the wheat that is produced on the farm. Each week we use 4 to 5 tons of the flour produced at this mill. This accounts for 100 to 150 acres of the wheat the Dewavrins grow annually. Nearly all of our breads have a good portion of Moulin des Cedres flour in them.

  • 500 acres of organic wheat and a mill
  • 150 miles from the bakery
  • Provides 80% of the total flour we use
  • We use 320 tons of their flour each year


Contact Le Moulin des Cèdres

Les Cèdres, QC +1 450-452-4559 Visit Website