Charitable Giving

It is always been our belief that a business should do more than simply provide the goods and services that are their main reason for being. You may remember the fairy tale that we named the bakery for. Well, our tale of the Little Red Hen turned out a little differently. In our story, the barnyard animals did help out. We simply wouldn’t be here without the community support that we have gotten from day one. Like any good hen, we feel a responsibility to do what we can to nurture the community that has nurtured us. Every year, we select a number of organizations that we feel are doing essential work. There is never a shortage of work to be done and there are so many good organizations doing that work, but each year our staff selects a few organizations that we would like to support. 

We also give in another important way. For many reasons, we do not want our counter staff to depend on customer tips for critical income. Although our baristas are skilled, hardworking professionals, those behind the glass are as well-- whether they are baking bread, cleaning the building or delivering bread, they are no less worthy of a livable wage. Additionally, we don’t want our staff to be motivated by tips. If a baguette is going to go better with your cheese than an olive bread would, we want our staff to tell you that without being concerned that doing so could affect the size of their tip. For these reasons, we are committed to paying everyone a livable wage. Nevertheless, old habits die hard and many customers feel compelled to drop some money in a jar. As it says on our “tip” jar, that money goes directly to a charity of our staff’s choosing. This money adds up! In the past two years, we have donated over $300,000 to causes close to our hearts! This includes organizations such as:

  • 2023 Flood Relief in Central Vermont - including Foote Brooke Farm and Dog River Farm
  • One Tree Planted
  • Capstone Fuel Assistance
  • Outright Vermont
  • Pride Center of Vermont
  • Migrant Justice
  • Planned Parenthood
  • ACLU
  • Justice for Dogs and Central Vermont Humane Society
  • World Central Kitchen (feeding individuals impacted in Ukraine)
  • NAMI Vermont (National Association for Mental Illness)
  • Wood4Good
  • FEAST Senior Meals
  • All washington County Elementary schools will receive $200 to their Principal’s discretionary fund for help families in need.




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