Our Farm Partners

From our inception in 1999, we have made it a priority to connect with the farmers that produce the food we bake and cook with at the bakery. We are proud that our support makes a difference in the lives of sustainable farms around the region. Meet a sampling of our farmer friends:

Le Moulin des Cèdres

Les Cèdres, QC

In Les Cedres, QC (30 miles west of Montreal and 150 miles from the bakery), three brothers operate a diversified organic farm called Les Fermes Longpres […]

Harris Family Farm

Bridport, VT

When Ben Harris of Harris Family Farm found the Gleason Farm (home of Gleason Grains) in Bridport, he knew it was a great fit. The Gleasons have […]

Foote Brook Farm

W Johnson, VT

We have been  buying potatoes from Tony Lehouillier at Foote Brook Farm since 2000. Tony grows yellow potatoes specifically for Red Hen and storing them year […]

Dog River Farm

Berlin, VT

Each season we work to bring you great food as we build on the foundation of a small farm dating back to the 1850s. All fruits […]

Pete’s Greens

Craftsbury, VT

We use a variety of Pete’s certified Organic produce in our soups, sandwiches and pastries throughout the year. Every Thanksgiving, we make dozens of pumpkin pies […]

Champlain Orchards

Shoreham, VT

Who doesn’t love Apple Pie? Without Champlain Orchards we’d be hard pressed to produce our fabulous pies or galettes year-round with local fruit (no pun intended!). […]

Wicked Bines

Berlin, VT

Happy hens lay happy eggs! We love these beautiful eggs with their healthy, practically orange yolks. We sell Mike and Cindy’s eggs in our cafe and, […]

Perfect Circle Farm

Barre, VT

Happy Chickens-Beautiful Eggs At Perfect Circle Farm, our 250 hens (and six roosters) are free to roam outside all day, every day, until they head into […]

Thornhill Farm

Greensboro, VT

Thornhill Farm grows Certified Organic winter rye and elderberries on a hill farm in Greensboro. Todd deliveries rye berries to the bakery and we mill it […]

Brownsville Butcher and Pantry

Brownsville, VT

We're Baking Again!

Reopening Thursday.

After having to take a brief pause to keep everyone safe, we are getting back to baking. Beginning on Tuesday, January 26th., you will find our bread in stores again.

On this first day back, you won’t see baguettes, but you will find five varieties on the shelves. Over the next four days, our selection will be increasing. By the end of the week, we expect to be back to full baking capacity. Our goal is to open the cafe on Thursday. More updates to follow...

Thank you to everyone for the support over the last few days. You mean the world to us!