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If Red Hen Baking Company is where you’d like to make a career, please get in touch! Alternatively, come by the cafe and complete our application.

Wages and Benefits

We have been recognized nationally for providing our employees with a livable wage and a long list of benefits including health care, paid time off and a retirement plan, among other things. We are committed to creating a workplace that is supportive of our staff!

Red Hen is an equal opportunity employer. We are committed to diversity, equity, inclusion and a strong sense of belonging in the workplace.

We're Hiring!

We are dedicated to creating an environment for our team to thrive. We offer great pay and benefits including paid vacation/sick days, retirement plan, and health insurance. Here are some more specifics about current opportunities:


Our pastries range from croissants to scones to cookies and many things in between. We are committed to using high quality, organic ingredients and work with many local farmers to source these.


This is usually a 10 hour shift, four days per week.  Start time is 4:30 a.m. As our business has some seasonal fluctuation, it is to be understood that these times will occasionally vary up to one hour in either direction.


Pastry bakers at Red Hen are responsible for scratch production of all pastries that we produce for our café and our farmers’ market booths. 

Requirements for this position:

  • Comprehension and use of basic math skills
  • Ability to learn and perform consistent procedures
  • Ability to communicate clearly and respectfully with coworkers
  • Ability to work in a fast paced physically demanding environment while maintaining safe practices

Pay and Benefits for all positions:

* Proficiency Pay $21

* Health Coverage

* Paid Time Off

* Retirement Plan with company match

* Disability insurance

* Excellent food benefits and discounts

* Monthly massage

If interested, please send resume and cover letter to;

Resume Submission

If you'd like to submit your resume for a job listing - or even if there isn't one, use the form below.

Note: our preferred (and the safest) form of attachment is Adobe PDF format.

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