The baker’s skill combined with a ridiculous obsession for sourcing the finest ingredients.

Since we started Red Hen Baking Co. in 1999, we have been known primarily for our breads. We continue to focus much of our efforts on the “staff of life,” but opening our retail shop and café at Middle Ground allowed us the opportunity to expand our range into sweet treats.

Jeremy Gulley steers our pastry ship and every morning he and his team pack our pastry case with a wide range of goodies from croissants to biscotti.
Our pastries begin with simple, uncomplicated local ingredients — organic unbleached wheat flour, organic sugar, milk from Monument Farms, and a host of featured local fruits, cheeses and meats.

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Red Hen apple pie- Champlain Orchards Apple Pie Red Hen croissant Croissant Cross-Section Red Hen Danish pastry Red Hen Danish pastry Fun with Danish Red Hen pumkin pie Red Hen pumkin pie Pumpkin Pie Red Hen Almond Croissants Almond Croissants
Red Hen Almond Croissants
Red Hen ham and cheese croissant Ham and Cheese with coffee pain au chocolate pain au chocolate Pain Au Chocolat Red Hen Pain au chocolate process Pain au Choc Production Red Hen apple pie slice, Champlain Orchards Red Hen apple pie slice, Champlain Orchards Apple Pie Slice croissant crumb from Red Hen Baking Croissant Interior

A selection of some of our most popular pastries

We are open from 7 am to 3 pm for online ordering only.

Due to staffing shortages, we are accepting ONLINE ORDERS ONLY. You can view and order from our entire menu here:

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Our creemee window will be open through Monday from 11-6.

Thank you for your understanding. We plan to fully re-open next Wednesday, October 12th.