Red Hen Baking Co.

At the Red Hen Baking Co. we are guided by the belief that pure, uncomplicated ingredients and the hands of skilled artisans are the building blocks for great food.

Since our early days in Duxbury, we have been dedicated to creating the very best food from the best ingredients we can find.

We craft an ever-changing lineup of pastries, sandwiches and soups for sale in our Middlesex, Vermont Café.

We’ve been on leading edge of the local food movement since 1999. 

Daily Soups

We make delicious soups daily from local ingredients using one of our dozens of favorite recipes. Here are the soups we're currently dishing up with sides of our bread in the café.

Soup & Menu Detail

Our Breads

Flour, water, salt, and yeast. We baked our breads with the finest, local ingredients almost every day of the year.

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  • Pumpernickel- Red Hen Baking Co.
  • Miche- Red Hen Baking Co.
  • Cyrus Pringle- Red Hen Baking Co.
  • Sprouternickel- Red Hen Baking Co.
  • Alice's Rye
  • Olive Bread- Red Hen Baking Co.

Where to Buy

We bake and deliver breads every day!
You can buy them at our Middlesex, VT Café or look for your local retail location.

Our Pastries

You wouldn't believe how many different pastries we bake in a day

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Red Hen Baking Co. By The Numbers

In baking, it's all about precise measurement. Here are a few numbers we're quite in awe of.

430000 lbs.

Local wheat that go into our breads each year


Days a year that we bake fresh bread and pastries


Loaves of bread baked on average, every day


Average number of daily deliveries we make to local stores and restaurants


Number of people we employ full time