Our Farm Partners

From our inception in 1999, we have made it a priority to connect with the farmers that produce the food we bake and cook with at the bakery. We are proud that our support makes a difference in the lives of sustainable farms around the region. Meet a sampling of our farmer friends:

Le Moulin des Cèdres

Les Cèdres, QC

In Les Cedres, QC (30 miles west of Montreal and 150 miles from the bakery), three brothers operate a diversified organic farm called Les Fermes Longpres […]

Gleason’s Grains

Bridport, VT

Ben Gleason has been growing grains and beans on his land in Bridport since the early 1980’s. He stone mills wheat and rye flour on the […]

Foote Brook Farm

W Johnson, VT

We have been  buying potatoes from Tony Lehouillier at Foote Brook Farm since 2000. Tony grows yellow potatoes specifically for Red Hen and storing them year […]

Dog River Farm

Berlin, VT

Each season we work to bring you great food as we build on the foundation of a small farm dating back to the 1850s. All fruits […]

Pete’s Greens

Craftsbury, VT

We use a variety of Pete’s certified Organic produce in our soups, sandwiches and pastries throughout the year. Every Thanksgiving, we make dozens of pumpkin pies […]

Champlain Orchards

Shoreham, VT

Who doesn’t love Apple Pie? Without Champlain Orchards we’d be hard pressed to produce our fabulous pies or galettes year-round with local fruit (no pun intended!). […]

Wicked Bines

Berlin, VT

Happy hens lay happy eggs! We love these beautiful eggs with their healthy, practically orange yolks. We sell Mike and Cindy’s eggs in our cafe and, […]

Grow Compost

Waterbury, VT

Since they started their operation just down the road from us, Lisa and Scott have collected all of our food waste for their compost operation. In […]